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If you’re missing teeth due to damage, decay, or injury, dentures can be a great option to replace them. You can replace your missing teeth and restore your smile with full dentures that offer a natural looking solution. This is a key procedure that will help to enhance your appearance and benefit your health. We can create full dentures to help you regain your smile.

Dentures not only restore and replace missing teeth, but they provide support to the remaining teeth in order to keep them from shifting out of place. With dentures, you will appear youthful while being able to enjoy food and speak comfortably, just as if you still had your natural teeth. We offer dentures and dental services that will make you look and feel your best. With her treatment plans, you will enjoy all of the confidence that comes with a beautiful smile.

Why Choose Dentures at Bury house dental practice?

we will provide dentures that are natural looking and more comfortable than ever. The best dentures will help to replace missing teeth, which are usually the cause of droopy facial muscles causing patients to look older than they actually are.

The following are the primary types of denture solutions:

  • Complete dentures,
  • Conventional dentures,
  • Permanent dentures.

These artificial teeth are generally made of acrylic and designed to best match your natural teeth. The base of a denture is called a plate and is usually made of either acrylic or metal.

At Bury house dental practice we offer:

  • The latest techniques,
  • Innovative materials, and
  • Excellent care.

Denture Replacement Procedures

Depending on how many teeth you need to restore, your smile expert can create comfortable and natural looking solutions with complete or partial dentures to perfect your smile. We use new and innovative material for all types of dentures. We also offer:

  • Full or complete denture replacement for all teeth in either the upper or lower jaws. These suit patients who have lost most or all of their natural teeth.
  • Permanent or partial denture replacements fill in the spaces left by lost or missing teeth and are attached to your natural teeth. You have to brush dentures thoroughly in order to prevent teeth and gum disease.
  • Conventional denture replacements that will improve your smile by filling out sagging facial muscles due to loss of teeth. These dentures are moulded over the mouth cavity once the teeth have been removed and the gums have had several weeks to heal.

Our team is highly-qualified specialists, having the most exceptional dental practice.